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Christmas Donations to OnRock Food Bank

This Christmas season, parishioners generously donated a large collection of food items to the OnRock Community Services food bank. In response, we received this kind thank you message from a friendly staff member, which gives us an idea of who will benefit from these kind donations.

“We serve 253 clients weekly at the moment. It is a total of 884 people divided into families of one all the way to a family of twelve. We deliver to 80 of our clients every Monday and the rest can pick up their box either Tuesday or Wednesday. Every Thursday and Friday we prepare a list of food items that will make up a box for the following week. We give food according to the family size. Monday morning we have a team of volunteers who make the boxes for the deliveries and same thing for Tuesday morning except it’s for pick ups. We are giving Christmas boxes this Saturday, the 18th. They will be getting a box of food, including a turkey and a box of gifts. We then close for 2 weeks and are back January 3rd. Thank you for your generous donation, we really

appreciate it!”



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