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Christmas Bazaar 2019

On November 23, 2019, once again our parish has provided our community with an exceptional Christmas Bazaar. Nick counted the people lined up outside as they entered the church, and there were 96 excited shoppers. Reputation! At 9:45 AM, you could not see into the hall, never mind maneuver in the aisles. Our salespeople were filled with enthusiasm. The Baking Table emptied so quickly, the Missions Team was able to spread out more wares. The Gift Baskets did very well, and I believe there were no injuries! Penny’s Jewelry Table had a record year, while Crafts & Knitting were kept busy.  The Gourmet Table had excellent results and I am sure the Book Table run by Patricia Hall did as well as it always does. Dorothy’s Treasures were practically wiped out in the first hour. Purses & Scarves sold by Lynda seemed to be quite busy. The Raffle Table was popular this year with the addition of two silent auction items. The Christmas Decorations were beautifully sparkly. The Children’s Table under Patricia, Samantha and young Penny did excellently. The lunch room was busy as usual. It was so nice to see old friends, new friends and neighbours who support us year after year. Thanks to all of you!

Please scroll down to see the photos!

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