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Use Our Premises

The church was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1992. While this was a tragic loss, the building was entirely rebuilt and parishioners found themselves in new premises that are up-to-date and convenient for all users. The church hall is a large, versatile room featuring a stage. If the stage is included, this room can seat 100 people for a dinner. Immediately adjacent to the hall, there is a well-equipped kitchen and a meeting room called the Allen Lounge. The basement is occupied by our daycare centre, Marla's Minis. There is direct access to the outside. The church has a large private parking lot behind the Church, allowing access to the side entrance.

In addition to church functions, many local community groups use our facilities at reasonable rates for a variety of activities, both on a regular schedule and for one-off events. Please contact us should you be interested. Some local groups that use our premises include: Panda Bridge, Line Dancing, Lakeshore Stamp Club, Thomas More, Toastmasters and Yoga.

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